Friday, March 13, 2009

Columbia and Steven's Crits!

The last week of training has been great. After our first race everyone is pumped to keep up our training and really step it up through the rest of the season. On funny story. Dan Rossi and I were on a training ride on thursday and we noticed a large plane flying low over us, turns out it was Air Force One. I guess Obama wanted to check on our progress. I think he would be impressed. 

The final team standings came out for last weekend and F&M finished an amazing 34th out of 55 teams in our first race ever!

This week is our spring break, so we will only have two cyclists competing for us this weekend: Dan Rossi will race Men's intro both Saturday and Sunday while Stephen Thomasch will race the Men's D race on Saturday only. Good luck to both of them!

-Rob Burnett

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