Thursday, March 12, 2009

Training: personal thoughts

Here's a stream of thought: Since the races this past weekend I feel great. Recognizing my pitfalls and the fact that I simply need to get out there and spin, has helped with training this week. We've been doing laps at a pretty decent pace. The laps, I've realized, are perfect although mundane after about the 4th one. They are so versatile in hills, flats, gradual inclines and corners that I feel like I can get it all in in one day.
There's definitely a new drive in me that just wants to dominate our next race. I did mediocre for what I was expecting...of course I wanted to do better, but how could I have known? Now I know. Now I know what to work for, how the environment feels, and how it is racing with people who just want to get their nose ahead of you. That definitely is motivation in and of itself. Seeing that girl next to me sprinting along side me sends my endorphins up the wall and now I know how to react: sprint. like. hell. Rob was right. Keep me where I am until I can start placing top three. If the plan was to move me up to the next category, I'd quickly loose motivation and drive.

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