Friday, March 20, 2009

Thoughts on the start of the year and my Spring Break Training Camp

So the season is off and running and it couldn't be more exciting. When I began putting this team together last semester I never expected things to go this well. Everyone on the team has really stepped up and is excited about racing. In our first race weekend of the year we walked away with two podiums and five top 10 placings. This last weekend we came away with three more top 10's. A big congrats to Dan Rossi who really stepped it up last weekend turning top 20 placings from Princeton/Rutgers into top 10's at Columbia/Stevens. In our first two weekends we have tasted more success than I thought we would experience all season. At the beginning of the season I was hesitant to set expectations too high as I had no idea how our riders would stack up with the rest to the collegiate scene, but now I know we stack up just fine. Now its time for us to step up and start racing to win. I am confident we can walk away from this season with at least one win. 

As for myself, after a great month and a half of training over Christmas break I came back to school feeling better than I ever have. Unfortunately I came down with mono at the end of January and had to take 6 weeks off. Despite the setback I have been training for two weeks now and I am beginning to come around. This last week of training in South Carolina has been particularly good and I am really looking forward to my first race this Sunday in Delaware. I am only racing an Individual time trial and I don't expect too much, but I will definitely be racing my hardest. 

This weekend half of the team will be racing at the University of Delaware. It will be Dan Rossi and Drew Mitstifer's first race in the D category. They should give Stephen Thomasch great help in Sunday afternoon's Criterium. We will also have Adric Quackenbush racing the intro Mens and myself racing the B mens. I expect more strong results from everyone on the team. The 28th and 29th we will be racing in Philly and will have a full team, that is where we really want to put down the hammer. 

Thanks for reading. 

-Rob Burnett

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